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3 Glute Bridge Variations

The basic glute bridge, when performed well, can help to strengthen your glutes, tone you abs and create the much sought after round booty without leading to large over bulky thighs. These 3 variations will help you to continue to challenge and grow your strength and will allow you to keep your workouts fresh.

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I’m just too big to exercise

Do you sometimes worry that you are too big to start exercising? That people may laugh at you in the gym because you have no clue what to do? Never let the thoughts or opinions of other hold you back.

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Motivation Vs Dedication and Determination

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wished that you could roll over and head straight off back to sleep? You just aren’t in the mood to face the day and whatever that might hold for you? Maybe you just don’t want to head into the office, or it’s miserable and cold …

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Staying Focused!

Working with Laura and being part of her group has helped me to stay focused on what I want to achieve. Laura is always available for advice when needed which is great.

Helen V.

The workouts are convenient…

Seeing other real people in the group working out is motivating and made me want to keep up. The workouts are convenient because you can do them any where and the support of Laura and the group really keeps you going.

Jenn L.

I cannot believe what it has done for me…

I cannot believe what it has done for me so far in every way. Body is transforming already and the stamina and well-being it gave me through mums final journey was priceless. I have now lost 10lbs… the programme helped sustain me…Thank you for your help so far.

Jayne B.

Working out in my living room means a half hour workout actually takes half an hour

The hints and tips and encouragement from Laura throughout the program are helpful – partially for the content, and partially as constant reminders to get it done, think about healthy choices, etc. Working out in my living room means a half hour workout actually takes half an hour (ok, maybe a few minutes extra to get changed and fill up my water) instead of an hour because of driving time.

Lindsey M.

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