3 Glute Bridge Variations

The basic glute bridge, when performed well, Can be a powerful addition to your workouts. It can help to strengthen your glutes, tone you abs and create the much sought after round booty without leading to large over bulky thighs.

The glute bridge can be performed in many ways. Here I am going to touch on 3 of the basic forms. As you progress with your strength you can start to add weights to create further resistance.

Things to remember:

  • Keep your heels planted on the floor, if your toes lift up that’s fine
  • Draw your heels in as close to your buttocks as you comfortably can
  • As you begin and develop good form use your arms to anchor you keeping your arms and palms flat on the floor
  • Keep your shoulders and head on the floor throughout the move
  • Push through your heels and drive your hips up towards the ceiling
  • Aim to create a flat back
  • Draw your tummy button in throughout the entire move and keep your core switched on
  • Squeeze your glutes throughout for maximum results

Start at a level that suits you. The most basic from is simply to lift up into the bridge position and then return back to the ground and repeat. You can then progress to a bridge that includes 3 small pulses at the top. Once those have both been mastered you can perform the single leg glute – don’t be worried if your hips don’t go as high with this variation.

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