3 Tips for staying on track, even with a night out with the girls!

We all know that nights out with the girls are amazing fun and if you’re anything like me then they sure as heck don’t happen often enough but is it possible to go out, have a great time and not go off track with your healthy eating plan?

Can you eat out at a restaurant, have a few drinks and maybe go out dancing with the girls without blowing weeks of healthy eating and hard work? If you’re like me when you have a goal in mind be it fitness, weight loos or just staying away from processed sugar you can become torn when that offer of a night out comes up.

You want to go out and have fun, you want to be able to catch up with your friends and let your hair down a little but you don’t want to end up feeling like you have moved yourself further away from your goal. Plus you know that once you are out it’s going to be hard to stick with your intentions and you may get carried away and indulge too much.

If this is you then check out my 3 tips below on how to have a great time but still stay on track.

Tip One:

Plan ahead – It’s a good idea to check out the menu for the restaurant where you are going to be eating so you can decide before you go what you would like to eat. Try to make a choice that you will enjoy but which won’t take you too far away from your goals.

Tip Two:

Moderation – Decide before you go out which is more important to you – is it having desert with your meal or is it having a few drinks? Which will you savour and enjoy the most? Try to do one or the other but not both.

Tip Three:

Dance – If the opportunity presents itself then go for it on the dance floor. Dancing is a great form of exercise and will help you to burn off those extra calories but it is also fun and can add to any good night out.

Above all if you are going to have a night out with the girls, which I encourage you to do, then make sure that you enjoy it. By planning ahead and using the tips above you can have a fun, guilt free night, stay on track with your goals but still have a social life and not feel like you need to be hiding away to avoid temptation.

As a bonus tip make sure that if you choose to have a few alcoholic drinks that you also stay hydrated throughout by drinking lots of water. Not only will this help you to avoid a heavy hangover but it will also help your body to process and eliminate that added toxins going into it.

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