Are you wearing a mask?

Do you ever find that something comes to you just at the right moment in your life? That it opens up your eyes, and your heart, and you wonder how you missed it in the first place?

The plan for this week was for me to write a review and blog on a wonderful book called The Mask, written by Sally Anne Saint. I sat down this morning to do exactly that but wanted to refresh myself with a few of the key points of the book and as I did so I found myself opening up and feeling.

The key to healing and releasing is feeling. Allowing yourself to feel, whatever it is, without labelling it as good or bad…”

The Mask By Sally Anne Saint

Yesterday I received the news that a dear friend, who I have many fond memories of, had passed away. I had not seen him in several months but the strange thing was that I was speaking about him just the day before as the pen he had given me stopped working. To then receive the new that he had passed away hit me hard.

I spent most of yesterday trying to hold my grief in and keep a smile on my face as I attempted to home educate my daughter and create fun and lasting memories with her. I spent the day telling myself to “get it together” and “keep smiling”, it wasn’t until my daughter went to bed that I sat and had a good cry about it.

I tell you this not to garner sympathy or to bring the mood down but because of this: as I reread certain sections of Sally’s book, The Mask, I realised that I also wear a mask and that many of us do and most of us do it unknowingly. I spend a lot of my time working on only showing certain emotions, keeping myself in check so to speak, and that is my mask.

How can a book help?

What Sally has done is write a book that not only charts her journey of self discovery and the removal of her own mask but which also provides the tips and tools of how you can start and then move through your own journey. I found it refreshing to read a book of this nature that was so open and honest and clearly showed the raw emotions of what the author was feeling.

Whether you realise it or not many of us are wearing a mask, the extent of that mask will only really reveal itself if you can start to delve deep and peel away the layers letting yourself to truly feel. Sally Anne Saint’s book is a great way to get started. A very powerful tool to really make us stop and look at things in new ways.

Full cover of The MAsk by Sally Anne Saint

About Sally Saint, the author;

Sally has had a life full of twists and turns, she learnt to heal and heal herself, after developing ME at 16. On taking on the mantle of healer it has led her to honestly share her own secrets with herself, so she could heal and THEN PASS ON what she had learnt. From treating people with Reiki when she became a master, massage, reflexology also followed. Always passing on what she had learnt.

After becoming a mum her passion for writing came to the fore, being published in a number of parenting magazines. Then the desire to write bigger came and she opened up to writing a book. In her book she shares her journey and her truth, allowing the buried emotions to rise and heal. An honest account from an honest woman.

Her website has all her work on and can be found here

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  1. Great review this book sounds brilliant I will have to check it out. Sorry to hear about your friend I hope you are OK.

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