My Nutrition and Fitness Journal

I have created this journal/planner to help you get started and keep you on track. 12 week planner / journal Double page spread each week to meal plan Daily pages to track food, activity, mindset, sleep, gratitude Simple healthy recipes to try with the whole family Motivational quotes Fitness test Much more Get your copy …

3 Glute Bridge Variations

The basic glute bridge, when performed well, can help to strengthen your glutes, tone you abs and create the much sought after round booty without leading to large over bulky thighs. These 3 variations will help you to continue to challenge and grow your strength and will allow you to keep your workouts fresh.

I’m just too big to exercise

Do you sometimes worry that you are too big to start exercising? That people may laugh at you in the gym because you have no clue what to do? Never let the thoughts or opinions of other hold you back.

Motivation Vs Dedication and Determination

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wished that you could roll over and head straight off back to sleep? You just aren’t in the mood to face the day and whatever that might hold for you? Maybe you just don’t want to head into the office, or it’s miserable and cold …