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I’m just too big to exercise

Do you sometimes worry that you are too big to start exercising? That people may laugh at you in the gym because you have no clue what to do? Never let the thoughts or opinions of other hold you back.

Motivation Vs Dedication and Determination

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wished that you could roll over and head straight off back to sleep? You just aren’t in the mood to face the day and whatever that might hold for you? Maybe you just don’t want to head into the office, or it’s miserable and cold …

I’m a Finalist!

Waking up to discover you are an awards finalist is an amazing feeling but to then realise you are a finalist in 6 different categories is just amazing.

Who are you?

Have you ever heard that phrase “you are the sum of the 5 people closest to you”? I’ve always been a bit sceptical of the phrase. I always just thought that I am who am I. How could the people around me so heavily effect who I am? Sure, they have an influence on me …

Who cares about my story?

Sharing your story can be difficult, I was plagued with doubts that no one would want to hear what I have to say. But my journey and my message is important because it can provide much needed support to others.

Love the skin you are in

Love the skin you are in. I know it’s super easy of me to say and to some it may even sound hypocritical given my line of work, but honestly I want everyone to love the skin they are in. And I don’t mean after you’ve lost weight, or had that boob job or had …