I’m a Finalist!

What an amazing feeling to wake up and discover that you are a finalist in not one, not two but six awards categories! Well that is exactly what happened to me on Tuesday 15th October.

A finalist in 6 categories, how on earth did that happen? In all honesty I’m not exactly sure. I’m just kinda here doing my thing, working hard to help people and to make a positive impact on peoples lives right across the globe.

I started my health and fitness business because I knew that there must be 1000’s of women just like me. Insecure women, women who wanted more, women who felt lost in their own minds and bodies, women who wanted to get healthy, to feel fit and well, to set a great example for their family and kids and friends but who didn’t know where to start.

I knew that just like me there would be 1000’s of women unable or unwilling to get out to a gym or see a PT and that they would need help and guidance and that I could give them that. I’ve been that woman, I tried so many options and failed over and over again until I found what worked.

I decided to try and take that pain away from other women, that rather than also let them try and fail over and over again I would offer something that I knew could work. And I knew that, because it worked for me.

So to then go on and be recognised and have those women nominate me in multiple categories for an award is just so humbling. It means that I am impacting people lives and having a positive impact and that they appreciate what I’m doing.

The ethos of my business, the values that I operate by, are simple. I aim to help in all the ways that I can. I make sure that what I offer my clients is what they actually need and not what I ‘think’ they should have or the most expensive option I can persuade them to take. For me the most important thing is that I meet my clients exactly where they are in their journey and then I help them to progress to the place where they want to be.

The main part of my business isn’t the online fitness plans I offer, or the nutrition tips I give, or the meal plans that I help people to create. The biggest part of my business is the relationships that I build and the support that I provide.

For many women our natural state is to offer help and support to others, we put their needs above our own. Whether that’s our partner, our kids or our best friend we are great at saying yes to helping others but not so great at asking for a little help.

3 women with their arms around each other
We aid and support others and often forget about ourselves

I try to offer more than just the health and fitness support, I’m hear to listen and be someone you can turn to when you need an impartial ear, someone that isn’t involved directly in whatever it is in life that you are struggling with. I may now have all of the answers or be able to magically fix things for you, but I will listen, in confidence, and I will do what I can to support you.

I think my ethos, my values, my experience and my complete level headed down to earth, girl next door approach to everything is what has led me to be a finalist in 6 categories. Who are the awards being hosted by? I hear you ask – Mums In Business Association. I wont only attending and hopefully walking away with an award, I will also be modelling on the night but I’ll leave the details of that for a later blog.

Image announcing that i am a MIBA awards finalist
Proud to be a finalist in the Mums In Business Association awards

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