It’s been a shi**er of a week.

Life is definitely not all sunshine and rainbows and that has certainly been confirmed this week. There are lots of amazing things going on in life right now and I’m trying to be in the moment and enjoy them all but I’m also feeling a little low and deflated.

We all go through our ups and down’s, it’s a natural part of life and the different stresses and pressures we have from different sources in life. It’s fine to feel a little low but the important thing is not to stay in that low place for too long. Right now I’m having to practice what I preach.

So what’s been getting me down this week?

On Tuesday I went to the hospital with Leigh to see the surgeon that performed the last operation on his stump – Leigh is a lower leg amputee. He has been having quite a few problems for the last 9 months or so with repeated swelling and infections and we were finally off to get a specialist opinion and see what they would like to do next.

The answer is another operation. It didn’t really come as a surprise but still having it confirmed has knocked the wind out of my sales a little bit. We are back at the hospital in early May to see a specialist consultant who will be over here from the USA and then they will put a plan together for exactly how they move forward and what they want to achieve in the operation.

Leigh is fairly upbeat about it all even though it is a set back yet again on his fitness and his plans to get qualified as a PT.

I think maybe it’s hit me harder than normal because I know that Callie will struggle with it more this time around. She has always been pretty good in the past when Leigh has been away or had more surgery but I know that now she really understands it all she will get upset about not seeing him and she will worry about if he is going to be ok or not.

I’m also thinking ahead in the practical sense. It’s likely to be the summer holidays by the time they operate, which means I’ll need to think more about child care on the days I’m at work and it will limit the activities we can do together as a family. Even though Leigh tends to heal quickly there will still be a period of time after the operation where he won’t be allowed to wear a prosthetic and won’t have one that fits, so that will mean using his wheelchair.

So you can see this week has kind of hit me and knocked me down, but like I said it’s ok to fall down as long as you get back up again. I’m working hard to remember all the things I have to be grateful for. For one Leigh is here, he is with us as a family and he will recover from the op, two Callie is an amazing little girl that makes me smile whenever I think of her, three next week I’m at the Mums In Business Association Awards Night where I am a finalist in 2 categories, four I have a business I love and a group of amazing people that I work to inspire every single day, five I am fit and healthy, we have a roof over our heads and food on the table.

My list of things to be grateful for could go on for much longer but you get the point. When life knocks you down think of all the good things you do have, use them to fuel you to get back up again and attack life with even more vigour. Remember that old saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” Now is definitely time for me to do just that.

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