Love the skin you are in

Love the skin you are in. I know it’s super easy of me to say and to some it may even sound hypocritical given my line of work, but honestly I want everyone to love the skin they are in. And I don’t mean after you’ve lost weight, or had that boob job or had a load of moles removed or whatever else it might be that you think makes you “less”. I mean right here, right now, flaw’s and all, I want you to love the skin you are in.

So many of us have hang ups, me included, about our bodies and the things we feel are wrong with them. We hide away and put off doing the things we would love to because we don’t feel worthy or we think that people will judge us on how we look. We talk to ourselves with nothing but negative words that can sometimes spiral out of control and lead to zero self confidence and maybe even self hate.

Sometimes the things we say to ourselves and the way we feel about our bodies comes from the tiniest of events way back in our past, maybe an off hand comment from a relative or teacher, or a mean child at school that teased us. These events can take root and before we know it they escalate and we believe there is something wrong with us.

As Rachel Hollis says ‘Someone else’s opinion is none of your business’. Meaning that what others think really has no bearing on who you are and you should pay it no attention. And actually in all honesty 99% of the time the thing you bothered about no one else has noticed.

Often we worry about our weight or our size, we get fixated on not wanting to have to buy a size bigger when we are dress shopping. When you have zero self confidence and you already hate your own body a simple shopping trip can be soul destroying. You go into one shop and try on a dress and a size 14 is the perfect fit, yet in the next shop you can barely even squeeze into a size 16 so you start to feel that there must be something wrong with you.

Shopping can be demoralising – ignore the label and buy what you love

Well I’m here to tell you that you are not defined by the number on the scale or the size in your clothes. You are more than a number and when it comes to clothes the sizing from one shop to another varies so wildly that it’s not surprising we have to buy different sizes.

You are not defined by a number on the scale, you are much more than that.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. Maybe next time you go shopping you could try not looking at the label and just buying the outfit that feels the most comfortable and lifts you up.

Every single second of every single day your body does amazing things. It’s time to start moving beyond your own negative thoughts and start embracing all the wonderful things about yourself. Start today by just finding one thing that you like about yourself and then remind yourself of it whenever you start to feel negative. Maybe you like your eyes or the colour of your hair, maybe you have a great laugh or your legs are strong. Whatever it is just keep reminding yourself of it and take the first step forward having a healthier relationship with yourself.

If you would like to be able to work on your mindset further in a safe and supportive community which a positive and uplifting atmosphere, whilst also working on your physical health and fitness then my Facebook group is definitely the place for you. You can find a link to join on my home page or search for #warriortribe – fitness and self love by Laura B Fitness Mentor.

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