MIBA Awards Night

Thursday 28th March 2019, a gorgeous day with blue skies and the sun shining down – what more could you ask for on the day of the inaugural Mums In Business Association awards?

If you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook (which by the way you should) and I’ll tell you quickly who MIBA are that way, you’ll understand why I was so excited to be nominated for not one but two awards.

Back in 2017 2 sisters decided that enough was enough. They were raising families, running businesses and fed up of not being able to bring the two together in order to find balance. So, they set up a Facebook group where they showed up day in day out to support, motivate and inspire as many women as possible. They provide a safe haven where now over 35,000 women actively support each other.

But these ladies didn’t stop there, they now have 7 number 1 bestselling books which you can find on amazon, in fact you can also find part of my journey in Mumpreneur on Fire 3, and they also now have over 100 networking events running around the globe every single month. All in under 2 years.

So, when Leona and Estelle, the sisters who foundered MIBA, announced they were going to be holding an awards night to recognise some of its members I was super excited and started getting my nominations in.

I was thrilled to be nominated and be a finalist in 2 categories myself but that caused a small issue. Of course, I was going to go to the awards night and now being in with a chance of winning an award I needed an amazing dress. I am not at all a fan of shopping, so I enlisted the help of fellow MIB Rachael Young who owns ‘Styling Solutions – It’s all about you’. (Find her on FB) She works with women to help them find the right colours and styles of clothing to suit their colouring, shape and budget and she was brilliant in my quest to find the right outfit.

The day of the awards arrived and again I managed to enlist the help of another amazing person, this time though it was an 11year old girl coming to my rescue. Enna, the very beautiful and very talented daughter of Leona. She is an aspiring makeup artist and I have no doubt what so ever that she will one day be doing the makeup of the stars. For now though she was stuck with me, she managed to completely transform me. If you on IG or FB go and follow her and show her some love – diaryofalittlefashionista

So, with a dress and makeup to make me feel like a princess all I had to do was sit back enjoy the night and keep my fingers crossed that I would come home with an award. It was a fun filled night, though wasn’t without the odd drama, we had a body positivity cat walk show, a fantastic singer and talks from some incredibly inspiring women throughout the night.

The first category up was Instagram Rising Star which was one of the two I was a finalist for and the one I really wanted to bring home. When Estelle announced my name, I looked round in shock that it was actually me. Receiving that award from Estelle, our #instaqueen, means so much to me.

MIBA have become part of my extended family and I can not thank them enough for all that they have given me.

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