Motivation Vs Dedication and Determination

Have you ever woken up in the morning and just wished that you could roll over and head straight off back to sleep? You just aren’t in the mood to face the day and whatever that might hold for you? Maybe you just don’t want to head into the office, or it’s miserable and cold outside and your bed is lovely and warm and you don’t want to leave it? Maybe you have something that you need to do that’s boring or really difficult and you want to put it off a bit longer?

We have all had those days, trust me I know exactly how you feel. I am not immune to the feeling of just wanting to close my eyes and shut it all back out BUT instead of doing that I get up and I take action. Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t always easy to do but I know it what’s best.

I chose to exercise early in the morning, I get up around 5am several times a week, throw on my workout gear, grab a drink and head to my garage to complete a 30 – 40 minute workout. There are some day that I would much prefer to stay in bed BUT I know that morning works best for me. If I wait until the evening to get in my exercise I know it won’t happen, I have too many excuses and I’ll allow them to get in my way.

Action shot of working out in the garage
For me morning works best for my workouts

So, what is that I do on those mornings when I wake up and I don’t feel motivated? I turn back to my ‘why’. Why did I start exercising? Why do I want to continue? Why is it important to me to be fit, strong and healthy? I lean into my plan rather than away from it, I dig my heels in and I get stubborn and then I get out of bed and I get on with it. Because let’s face it motivation comes and goes, it ebbs and flows and even the most successful people won’t feel motivated all of the time.

Motivation is often the thing that gets us started but it doesn’t keep us going.

Maybe your clothes no longer fit, an outfit you love now can’t be worn and so in that moment you are motivated to exercise and lose weight. Perhaps you go to the doctors and get some less than great news regarding diabetes or your cholesterol level, in that minute you are shaken awake and you feel motivated to make some positive changes. Maybe there is a big event coming up like your wedding and you want to look back on your photos and love what you see, you are motivated to tone up and feel fit.

Feelings and emotions change. When things get hard, when we don’t see the results that we want to, it is easy to forget why we got started in the first place and to feel demotivated. In those moments it is all too easy to quit, to give in and return back to our previous ways but it is in these moments where we have to persevere and stick with it.

Having a plan, being determined to achieve those results and being dedicated to the process are what will keep you going. Don’t hang around and wait to feel ‘motivated’ in order to get started, start today! After all, tomorrow never comes.

Open white planner.

Planning will help you to stay on track.

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