Mumpreneur on Fire 3 – An inspiring read.

25 true life stories all written by amazing women who have faced adversity but refused to give in. This is a book that will have you laughing one minute, crying the next and finally shouting for joy.

Inside you will find my chapter telling of what was happening as me and my partner went through life changing circumstances together.


Golden Unicorn Dust – Your pick me up and energy booster

Are you struggling for energy or mental alertness during your workouts? Have the kids kept you up all night and you need a little energy boost?

Designed by leading authorities in exercise physiology and performance nutrition, we use scientifically backed ergogenic ingredients and phytonutrients to help boost your performance*.

“I would not be without my unicorn dust before a hard workout, I’ve even been known to drink it before a night out with the girls to keep me on the dance floor all night”

*Contains caffeine, which enhances mental alertness during intense muscular activity.

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Recover the Right Way – An indulgent chocolate treat that aids repair.

Designed to help your body repair and rebuild after an intense workout this chocolate treat will aid your body and reduce the aches and pains that might otherwise leave you struggling to get around the next day. Supports muscle repair and growth by making protein readily available*.

***Whey, pea, and casein are sources of protein. High in protein.

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Superfood Shake – Your daily dose of dense nutrition

Designed to fill the gap in your diet and ensure you get all the nutrients that you need. Packed full of vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and much more your superfood shake will support you in a way no other will. Support your body from the inside.

“I’m pretty sure that drinking my superfood shake daily is the reason I didn’t get anything more than a slight sniffle over the winter and I haven’t been to the doctor in over 12 months”

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Time for a Snack – Delicious, healthy, good for the whole family.

With 10g of protein but less than 5g of sugar this is the snack bar for you. Available in 2 flavours these will be loved by the whole family.

“Loved by the whole family I have to hide these away so that my 6yr old doesn’t eat them all!!”

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