Say Yes – Who knows what might happen!!

I’ve adopted this crazy new philosophy, whenever someone asks if I want to do something I say yes and then later on I try to figure out how I’m actually going to get it done. Now for some this could feel really overwhelming and could lead to you doing loads of things that you really have no desire to do. But I’m taking this as a way to move beyond my comfort zone, a way to challenge myself without giving myself he time to think things over and talk myself out of them.

Not everything I’ve said yes to has been something big or scary or new to me but it’s still made me do so much more recently. So here are a few examples: shall we go to the spa for the day and relax and catch up? Yes. Not, oh let me have a think, I might need to sort out child care or I’m not really sure if that’s a good week to go. No, I simply said yes. Would you like to come out to come out to Spain and take part in a training retreat? Yes. Not, I don’t really know if I can afford it, or I’m not sure I’d want to be away from my family. Nope I just said yes.

And most recently, would you like to take part in a body confidence workshop I’m running? We’re going to do a photo shoot at the end to celebrate how far everyone has come. My answer – Hell yes!

Love yourself.

Right, so I had said yes to the body confidence workout and a photo shoot IN MY UNDERWEAR!! But what did that actually mean? What was going to happen next? How was it all going to work? Well actually it was super simple, Serena, a body confidence and sexual empowerment coach who runs Blue Lingerie Boutique was going to be running the group and with her would be Ana a confidence and clarity coach and Amanda a trained NLP coach.

For one month each of the ladies would be sharing with us tips and techniques to help us to see all the positives in ourselves and our bodies. They would help up to be less critical and love ourselves more. We looked at things like positive affirmations, how to break bad habits, how to talk to ourselves in a more respectful way to banish the negative self talk and so much more.

We did practical exercises and journaled throughout the course and fed back into the group as much as we each wanted to. We had fun but there was also a serious side to it. As a fitness coach I’m regularly working with people that have become fixated on a number – they want to be a certain size or a certain weight, they lose focus on just being healthy and loving themselves. This is one of the reasons I said yes to taking part.

I’m generally confident in my own body but we can always learn more about ourselves and I was also keen to learn some points that I could take away and use with my own clients. The more I can help ladies to see how beautiful they are but at the same time encourage them to exercise for their health and fitness rather than the illusive number on the scale, the better.

So what about the photo shoot? I’d said yes right without even giving it much thought but as the month moved on I started to wonder more about how exactly we would manage it. Again Serena got it all organised and we met up on a gorgeous day just out side of Oxford. We were doing an outdoor shoot and thankfully the weather was super kind to us but that did present some other challenges – but that’s best left to a post all of it’s own!

Just one of the amazing shots we got.

Suffice to say we got some amazing shots in beautiful flowing dresses and then did some very tasteful shots just in our underwear. Was I a little scared to do it? Yes a little but my excitement and desire to change the world far outweighed that so I just went for it!

My message to you today is two fold – firstly love yourself and the skin you are in, you are truly amazing whether you think that right now or not. And secondly say yes way more often and great things will happen.

You are beautiful – Just be you.

If you are interested in getting involved in the next body confidence workshop you can contact Serena Novelli via and if you would like to work with Ana Bonasera and learn more about her confidence and mindset coaching you can find her at

All photo credits go to Chantal Storrs-Barbor and you can see more of her work at

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