The Curry Show – BBC Radio Leicester and the Tarmo sisters

It’s not everyday that you get a phone call out of the blue asking if you would like to be on a radio show, the chance to talk about my fitness business and the upcoming Love Thy Body Project Workshops that I’ll be running with Ana Bonasera and Serena Novelli, plus I’d be getting fed by an amazing chef.

How on earth could I say now?

So on Monday 8th July at 7 pm I found myself sitting in the kitchen at BBC Radio Leicester chatting with the presenter, Khatija Tarmo, watching the chef from Chutney Ivy get to work on our amazing dinner, and getting to know my fellow guest Mbili Munthali. Khatija was brilliant throughout the night and kept things fun, light hearted but running on track – hard to believe that she has only been presenting the show for the last couple of months.

For 2 hours we chatted about food, our likes, dislikes, our business aspiration and values, our love of music and we listened to some fantastic songs. Never has 2 hours flown by so fast before. We laughed a lot! And oh boy the food was amazing.

We had a savoury Lassi and a sweet Lassi – both yogurt based drinks with very distinct flavours. Then we had a curry topped with Sea Bass and served with ribbon courgettes cooked in some amazing flavours. Now I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food in the hot sense so I was a little apprehensive and if I’m honest my lips were tingling and my pint of water was rapidly going down but it tasted so good that I just had to eat it.

Cooked live during the show

After that it was the turn of Zainab Tarmo to cook for us. Her choice was a deconstructed banoffee pie which was to die for. It was simply melt in the mouth deliciousness.

Deconstructed Banoffee Pie

Prior to going on the show I had to choose 2 songs that I wanted to have played and then on air talk about why I had chosen them. So, choice number 1 was easy, Queen – Don’t stop me now. Quite simply an amazing anthem and one that gets me and my friends up and dancing every time it comes on no matter where we are.

Choice number 2 was a little harder, I knew who the artist was that I would pick from but there were just so many songs I love that it took some thinking about. My final choice, Dolly Parton – Baby I’m Burning. Dolly is a hero of mine, I just love her story, she came from nowhere and had nothing but determination and drive, she is a true entrepreneur and now has an amazing legacy that she will leave behind.

So would I go back on the show if I was ever asked again? Heck yes, I loved it.

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