Who cares about my story?

I’ve asked myself this question countless times in the last 12 months. I have wondered who on earth would be interested in reading my story and learning more about my life and the things that have tried to pull me down. I’ve sat and thought about the fact that I’m just plain old me, nothing extraordinary about me, nothing overly noteworthy, so why on earth would I dare to presume that people would read what I have to say???

But then I thought why wouldn’t people read what I have to say? Why shouldn’t I share about what I’ve been through? The fact that I’m just plain old me actually means that my story is worth more, that people will be able to connect and relate to it and that means that maybe by sharing I can help someone.

So 12 months ago I started to write, first it was a chapter for Mumpreneur on Fire 3, then it was countless articles for blog posts, magazines and newspaper features and most recently for Perfect Health a book by Elaine Godley and Jessica Prime.

Sharing my story further in Perfect Health Volume 1

I share my story because I want to inspire and empower women right across the globe. I want every woman to know that although the bad days may be filled with darkness there are good days and they can find their way back into the light.

In Perfect Health Volume 1: Living Life in Balance, you will find stories from 12 amazing men and women. Each of us sharing our raw and honest truths. Sharing the pain and the journey back into the light and in some cases the constant struggle to stay in that light.

This isn’t your typical book. We aren’t trying to tell you that life is all sunshine and rainbows or that there is a happy ending to every story, quite the opposite in fact. Inside the pages of this book you will find real life, real struggles, real wins but also real losses.

Each of the 12 authors decided to share their story in the hope that it could bring comfort to others, or act as a warning or even a wake up call. You may not be in the exact same situation as me – in fact that’s really unlikely – or any of the other authors but I can guarantee that you have felt the same emotions, had the same worries, felt similar pressures to at least one of us.

I wrote my chapter with passion and love in my heart, I shared in this book things I have never shared with anyone else, things I have never admitted out loud before, even to myself! I talk about me, my feelings, my emotions, my struggles not just what was physically happing but what was happening mentally and emotionally.

I know my story inside and out, after all I’m living it. But reading it back in the pages of this book makes even me cry, it brings home the realisation of just what we have been through and that actually it will never be over. I’m not having a pity party here, just stating it as it is.

I would love for you to read the book, to understand more about me, my family, how I have become the person I am today and why I am passionate about helping YOU.

You can order your copy here: http://bit.ly/PerfectHealthBook

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